Remember, Remember it’s NoVOTEmber

On 1 December up to 2 million people could easily drop off the electoral register.  That’s on top of the 8 million who are not on the register at all.

That’s 10 million people – or 1 in 5 of all eligible adults – who won’t be able to vote.

These changes are happening because the Government is rushing changes to the way we register to vote, against the advice of its election watchdog, the Electoral Commission.

Leeds Labour says: ‘Whether you love us, loathe us or really can’t make your mind up some days – it’s your right to have your say. #NoVoteNoVoice’

So before it’s too late…

  • Check if you are on the register by calling Leeds Elections Office 0113 2476726
  • If you’re not on then sort it online here – It takes 5 minutes – and you’ll need your National Insurance number if you have one. (And remember if you are a student you can register at both your home address and your Leeds address)
  • Once you’re sorted than get friends, family and housemates to check as well.
  • You can print off the form here if people want to fill in a paper copy. Completed forms need to be posted to Electoral Services, Level 2, Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AD or handed in at the Town Hall Main Reception.

If you try to get this sorted and are still having difficulty then email or ring and leave a message on 0113 2476726.

We’ll help as far as we can. And no-one will ask you anything about how you vote.

Let’s avoid it becoming NoVOTEmber and and make sure we find Leeds’ #MissingVoters

If you’ve got other questions about voting then try


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